Visiting an oral surgeon

The human brain is sometimes wonderfully constructed. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we forget pain and discomfort.

In November last year, a serious inflammation was discovered under one of my molars and last Thursday I underwent an Apex resection or a root tip treatment. The information I received from the dentist about this treatment was that an incision would be made in my gums after which the infected root tip would be removed.

Oh, that’s a breeze, I thought to myself. I have a fairly high pain tolerance and am not afraid to treat my teeth, so I went to my appointment whistling and within half an hour I was outside again. I had had no problems and the surgeon had done a good job.

The next day, however, it turned out that I had overestimated myself quite a bit. I thought I’d be in pain for one night and be able to go to work the next day. And the surgeon’s suggestion to eat liquid in the near future was only intended for those who have a lower pain threshold than I do. Oops… mistake.

Despite my high pain threshold, the pain hit hard through the painkillers for the first few days. I didn’t understand. How could I be so bothered by this? It took me 3 days before I realized that I had actually undergone surgery and that the treated jawbone and gums need a little more time to heal. That proposal to eat liquid was not so crazy after all.

Hopefully, this memory will last a little longer now, so that I will be a little better prepared for the next treatment and not be surprised by the inconvenience that such a treatment entails.

Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay


  • Roxanne

    17 January 2020 at 14:33

    Oei dat klinkt best wel pijnlijk! Ze moesten bij mij een kies trekken in 2017, maar die was helemaal door midden en die werd er dus uitgesneden door de kaakchirurg! De horror! Ik was er echt een paar dagen beroerd van, en omdat ik toen zwanger was, mocht ik niet eens fatsoenlijke pijnstillers slikken.

    Ooh, that sounds pretty painful! They had to pull a molar with me in 2017, but it was completely in half and had to be cut out by the oral surgeon! The horror! It really made me sick for a few days, and because I was pregnant at the time, I couldn’t even take decent painkillers.

    • Bianca

      17 January 2020 at 19:14

      Geen fatsoenlijke pijnstillers mogen slikken. Ik moet er niet aan denken. Ik vond het met pijnstillers al een ramp.
      Gelukkig is het ondertussen al een stuk minder geworden en ik verwacht dat als de laatste hechtingen eruit zijn, dat het ongemak voorbij is.

      Not allowed to take decent painkillers. I thought it was already a disaster with painkillers, let alone without them.
      Fortunately, the pain has become a lot less and I expect that when the last stitches are out, the discomfort will be over.


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