The very first time I came into contact with a computer was in the mid-eighties. I think I was somewhere between 10 and 12 years old when my father bought a Commodore Vic 20. I think I was allowed to play a few computer games as a kid. At least I remember a horse racing game where you had to try to make your horse race by hitting the > ‘Right arrow’ key as hard and as fast as possible. 🙂


By Evan-Amos – Public Domain,

After the Commodore, there have always been computers at the house. My father was always very interested in computers and that spread to my brother and me. Quite coincidentally, my partner also turned out to be an avid computer enthusiast. While my father and my partners interests mainly concerned the hardware of the computers, my interest was in the software. I worked out various school assignments on the computer and could use WordPerfect (the predecessor of Word) inside and out.

In the years since that has never really disappeared. You don’t have to ask me about the specifications of a computer, because I really don’t understand that. But give me a new software program and within a few days I will understand how it works and I can explain it to someone else.

Besides the fact that I really enjoy trying out new software programs and explaining them to others, that’s apparently something I’m also good at. Family and colleagues regularly ask me to explain something about the programs they use.

However, if I can already help people offline with their computer questions, why not do it online as well. That is why I created the ‘Digicoach’ category on this blog. In this category, I want to discuss software problems and questions. But I do need your help with that. I could start in thin air by explaining software programs, but I am especially curious what the programs are that you work with and what you have questions about or what you run into? Would you mind letting me know?


  • Daenelia

    6 March 2020 at 14:15

    Lijkt me een prima categorie! Ik loop zelf niet zo heel vaak ergens tegen aan waar ik niet uitkom. En dan heb ik alsnog een back up van mijn gozer. Maar! Ik kan wel wat onderwerpen bedenken. Ik werk met van alles: MS Office, G-suite, CorelDRAW en Corel Photo-paint, FireAlpaca, Sublime Text, LibreOffice, WordPress ( 😛 ), maar misschien zijn bepaalde apps ook handig. Bijvoorbeeld van de overheid, de berichtenbox voor op je telefoon?

    • Bianca

      8 March 2020 at 21:12

      Ik dacht dat ik bekend was met veel programma’s, maar in jou lijstje zitten voor mij nog onbekende. 😉
      Ik zat ook al te denken aan diverse apps. Ik ga mijn hersenpan eens even laten pruttelen.
      Wordt vervolg…. 🙂


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