Emergency Information folder

Imagine: Suddenly your house is on fire. You try to extinguish the fire but it is not possible, so you go outside with your family and pets as soon as possible. Once the fire is extinguished and you have recovered from the shock, it is time to contact your insurance. What is the phone number of our insurance company again? My ID card was still inside! You need to contact a place to stay but your debit card is still in your house. And do you remember the number of your insurance company? No matter how organized you are, the most important information is rarely found in one place. 

My information, for instance, is in different places in the house. My wallet with my debit card will be in my bag, the information about my insurance will be in a file folder in a closet. In case of a disaster is I will not have the time to collect all the important information. That is why I started compiling an emergency information folder.

What information do you keep in an Emergency Information folder?

It needs to be the information you think is necessary for you to save in case of an emergency. For me it is the following:
– Name, telephone number, and policy number of the various insurance companies and other authorities.
– Name, telephone number of my GP
– Copy of identity card/passport of everyone in the house
– Copy of bank cards from everyone in the house
– Medication overview of everyone in the house
– Master password of the password manager I use.
– and all other information that I think is important to always have access to.

Where do you keep the Emergency information folder?

I have my emergency folder in 2 places. A physical folder at my front door and a folder in the cloud that I can access via my phone. The most important thing about the location is that store it close to the exit you will use to leave your home urgently. Is that your back door rather than your front door? Then put the folder there.

Don’t stop after creating a emergency folder

And if you have already started making an emergency information folder start thinking about a disaster plan. Are you prepared when there is a major power outage, earthquake or flood (depending on where you live)? Do you have enough food, water, batteries, etc. to spend some time before any help arrives? Where do you meet with your family/roommates if your street or neighborhood is evacuated due to an urgent danger? Making a disaster plan and putting together an emergency package is something that is still on my to-do list.

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