From meat to vegan

Since the end of August/beginning of September, my partner and I have switched to Vegan food. Because of our overweight, we have been looking for an eating style/diet that makes us both feel good and that can help us lose weight. We have made several attempts separately, but dieting while your partner is not participating or following a different diet is not workable. At least not for us.

I must say that I did not expect that the switch from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet would have such an effect. In the time that we no longer ate meat, I have more energy and the weight loss that I have been striving for for years, but which did not work, is now possible. It seems that we have found the eating style/diet we were looking for.

Differences and pitfalls

We thought that switching to a plant-based diet would be as stop eating animal products. So we started by omitting the meat in the standard potato-meat-vegetable. menu. Logical right? In no time I became very weak and almost passed out because I did not get enough nutrients. So the past few weeks have been a quest to get enough nutrients and calories. A quest that is far from over, but I do know in the meantime that I have to provide enough iron, calcium and proteins. So I now eat more spinach, beans, nuts, seeds, but unfortunately I also cannot avoid supplementing it with supplements.

It is therefore very important that if you also want to switch to vegan food yourself that you do not fall into the trap of:

  • too few nutrients
  • too few calories
  • one-sided meals


What has helped us most is the search for information on websites, youtube, etc. So many different websites and videos have been made about an interesting topic such as vegan food, that it was also difficult for us to find the information we needed. We have benefited a lot from these websites/youtube channels. Maybe it will help you if you’re thinking about switching as well.

  • – This is a Youtube channel of Dr. Michael Greger, a scientist who discusses the latest scientific research on healthy eating in his videos.
  • The Happy Pear – The website of Dave and Steve, Irish twins who switched to vegan life 15 years ago and now own a farm, bakery etc to supply their cafes and shops with plant based food. It’s really nice to follow them on Instagram where they start their day with a daily refreshing dip in the sea (brrr). I mostly follow them for their recipes.
  • Wat eet je dan wel (dutch) – Recently I also visited Suzanne’s website. On her website you will find recognizable recipes in vegan form and useful shopping tips. 

No more meat?

I will be very honest. There are times here and there when I have succumbed to the appetite for meat. Marinated drumsticks in particular still make it very difficult for me. To be honest, for me it is mainly the memory of a piece of meat. Because once I ate the drumsticks, it was actually quite disappointing. It is strange to see how quickly your body adapts and how many temptations to food are based on a piece of memory.

If you also eat vegan, please let me know. I like to learn new things. And if you decide to go vegan, good luck!

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