Meet Bianca

My name is Bianca and I live in the southern part of the Netherlands in a cute little town near Eindhoven. I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 30 years. Can I still call him my boyfriend? 😉 I work as a secretary within the Real Estate Department of the best University in the region.

I am HSP (High Sensitive Person) and blogging helps me to unload all the information that otherwise stays in my mind and drives me crazy. I am interested in a lot of topics including HSP, Veganism, Paganism, IT, reading, watching SciFi, getting organized.

When I am not working, I like to tinker with the layout of this blog. Playing around with themes and plugins until this blog looks exactly how I like it.  Trying to learn to code or taking a Webdesign course is definitely something on my wishlist.

At this moment this blog is in transition from being a Dutch written blog to an English blog. Although I am born and raised in the Netherlands, English always feels more like my first language than Dutch does. As I miss writing in English I decided to turn my blog into an English blog.

I love to connect with people, so do not hesitate to drop a note on this blog or any of my socials.