New year, new opportunity’s

While the fireworks are still flying around, I wish you a fantastic and prosperous New Year. May your dream come true en your goals archieved.

For me, 2020 starts with the start of this blog. Some of you may remember that I’ve been blogging for quite some time (about 10 years), but I stopped last year. In that year I thought carefully about what I want with a blog and what my expectations are.

So what can you expect from this blog?

A place where I share things I am enthusiastic about, think about, doubt or even suprise me. In my daily life I like toe help others in the digital fiels and I want to continue that here on my blog. My search for new and more efficient ways to structure my head and my life. A responze to social dicussion that touches me. Just everything that makes Bianca, Bianca.

I’m going to blog without obligation, so without a tight schedule. It is beter to have an article that has ben carefully thought through than a quick mandatory scrible.

All in all I love to get started with this blog.

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