Staying at home

How are you all? Is staying at home working for you? I have to say that the situation we are in now feels quite unreal at times. That I wake up in the morning and it takes a few moments before I realize that we are still in quite a crisis and that it may still be a while last before it’s over. We stick to the request to stay indoors as much as possible, but that has never been such a problem for us. We’ve been practicing social distancing for years ;).

I have been doing my work from home for 1,5 weeks now. In that respect, it is useful to be a secretary. Many of the programs we use were already online so it doesn’t matter whether I log in from my workplace or from home. Contact with colleagues is less, but we have Skype and Instant Messaging. The difference is that at the office you get up faster at work to grab a printout, go to the coffee machine and chat with each other. Although I have always experienced that as a distraction in the past, I notice that those little moments away from your computer are actually not so bad. Now with working from home I tend to sit behind my desk for several hours without a break. Yesterday, I happened to work at the office for another day. For the department where I work, it is important that someone is physically present at all times. Since we consist of a large group, this means that we are at the office on a rotating basis 1 every x a week / 1.5 weeks.

I only go out for groceries. We already saw this situation coming and prepared ourselves in advance by doing extra shopping. No, we didn’t hoard. My partner and I sat down at the table and made an overview of what we want to eat for the next 6 weeks and based on that we did our shopping. A few extra cans of soup. We have been drinking milk from long-life milk cartons for years. The vegetables are in cans instead of fresh and our freezer is always full of various types of meat. We only go to the store every two days for the bread. The local Jumbo and Albert Hein are well prepared. Tape on the floor every 1.5 meters at the cash register, packaging machine, etc. Plexiglass at the cashiers. I hope that in time my fellow shoppers understand that it’s not a good idea to grab something from the rack between me and a stocker.

During the weekend I looked with amazement at the photos of crowded beaches and parking. Although on various social media the people in the photos are roughly called selfish and idiots and even the Prime Minister calls them antisocial, I always try to look at things from a different angle. I don’t think everyone is so selfish that they only think about themselves. This is about behavioral change and it has already been proven that it takes an average of 66 days before a change is permanent. I hope yesterday’s press conference got enough people thinking. In any case, I saw fewer people in traffic today and it was also very quiet in the supermarket.

I will get through my days well at work and here at home. If you find that a bit more difficult, I can definitely recommend that you follow the instagram of Marlous from lastdayofspring. In the highlight Staying Inn she has collected various tips and ideas to make the stay-at-home days a bit more bearable.

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