Staying at home – part 2

When we started the intelligent lockdown at the beginning of March, I was enthusiastic. I didn’t have to go to the office so early every day with all the associated struggles of being a night owl. I was able to set the alarm an hour later and still have enough time to get washed and dressed in front of the laptop in time for work. And because I now had more time to spare, I could finally spend more time on my hobbies, my blog, my household, and all those things that had been on my to-do list for far too long.

Unfortunately, two months later it turns out that the reality was completely different. Although I still love working from home after two months, the productivity I used to have is starting to decline. Even with working from home, there are days when time creeps by so terribly slowly.

I am restless and unable to find my way. What shall I do now that I have no social obligations? Maybe I can scan my private paper archive, scan my photos, update recipes? In fact, I should also write a blog. And while I’m at home, the apartment could actually get a good cleaning. I want to do something about my hair, something special, something creative. Nice and short or long, or short, or long or… maybe a new color? Bright red, Bordeaux red oh no wait. why don’t I go for blue? I am restless. I want everything and nothing happens. I watch series after series and discover Tiktok movies (to watch, not make). Did I mention I’m restless? I try to recharge in nature. Enjoy the sun, the wind. What used to calm me down doesn’t help now.

It’s strange to encounter yourself like this. I am a homebody by nature. I like to be the center of attention and I am quite outgoing, but home is my oasis. There I can relax and unwind. So when the lockdown ‘forced’ us to stay at home, in my oasis of peace I saw no problems. But yes, your oasis of peace is no longer an oasis if you are present in it 24/7. Hence my feeling of restlessness, I suspect. Since we will continue to work at home until probably September, it is time to create a new oasis.

How are you? Is it still manageable or do you just like me not know what to do when it comes to craziness? I would like to hear how you experience this time.

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